Strategic context

Communitybuilders was initially established as a result of a commitment within the Communities in control: real people, real power white paper with the aim of supporting the Department of Communities and Local Government's (DCLG) commitment to build more cohesive, empowered and active communities.   

The external strategic context in which Communitybuilders now operates is set by the Government’s commitment to decentralisation and localism. DCLG has outlined its vision of making a radical redistribution of power and funding from government to local people to deliver what they want for their communities, transforming public services and ensuring that all communities are equipped and incentivised to grow and prosper.

Communitybuilders, as a fund designed to meet the investment and development needs of local community led organisations, sits at the heart of this agenda, providing the tools and support for organisations and the communities they serve to have more say, choice, control and ownership of their local facilities and services.

The Fund will invest in organisations that help bring local people together and strengthen communities. Operating at a neighbourhood level and providing multiple services and facilities such community-based and community-led organisations often act as a hub for action and activity that benefit the whole community. We sometimes use the shorthand of “community anchors” for such organisations.

Strategic investment through programmes such as Communitybuilders can provide the advice, support and investment needed by community organisations to help them become sustainable and can help develop the ability of the sector and strengthen local partnership working.


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