Application guidance

The Fund is currently closed

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Before you apply

We would strongly encourage you to think about our areas of interest to see if you are able to make the case for at least one area. Your application is likely to get preference if you are able to help us meet our priorities.

We are looking for organisations that are looking to develop plans for services and activities that can generate income. 

Successful applicants will have already developed an outline business plan that uses entrepreneurial methods to achieve social goals.

Local community organisations that are in discussions with their local authority about asset transfers or service delivery opportunities may find the grants on offer of particular value.

We hope that feasibility grant recipients may go on to access Communitybuilders main investment finance including loans or commercial finance from other investors.

Key priority areas of interest

We are particularly interested in receiving applications from organisations that:

  • are based in areas of high deprivation like the 20% most deprived areas in the Index of Multiple Deprivation
  • can demonstrate a high degree of un-met social need in their neighbourhood and have a specific plan in place to meet these needs. This might include areas that have suffered in the recent riots in 2011
  • already have or plan to raise financial community contributions as part of their overall funding requirements. 

Applying as a Partnership / consortia

Partnership or hub and spoke anchors are eligible provided that:

  • There is a community based, third sector lead partner to act as accountable body for the investment.
  • The partners between them meet all the basic criteria More than 50% of the local anchor services are provided by organisations that have been in existence for at least a year.
  • A statutory body, such as a parish or town council may be one of the partners provided that they do not receive any of the funds or have a controlling vote.
  • The focus for sustainability is on the anchor services to the community and not just one or more of the partners.
  • Community control applies to the anchor services delivered.

Encouraging co-funding

  • We are aiming to grow the Fund by making the highest standard of investments in partnership with a diverse range of quality co-funders.
  • We want to work with co-funders to support community anchors and are willing to fund between 20-50% of any individual project.
  • We are willing to act as both the first and last brick in a funding package.
  • Adventure Capital Fund (ACF), who own the Communitybuilders endowment will be actively looking to grow the fund and maximise the impact of the endowment by leveraging money from other investors, foundations or even philanthropists. 
  • The Communitybuilders Fund has a strong track record of working with other funders to build investment packages that are tailored to the individual needs of community organisations. Here are some of the other funding organisations we have worked in partnership with in the past 

Communitybuilders Hotline

Our investment team are happy to answer any questions you have about the Communitybuilders Fund.

Call 0191 269 2276

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