Communitybuilders Fund

From 27 February to noon on 13 April 2012, organisations are welcome to apply for Communitybuilders Feasibility Grants.

Feasibility grants of half a million will be available for organisations looking to research and develop a sustainable and entrepreneurial idea that meets social needs of their local community.

We are looking to award between 20 and 30 grants and up to 5 days business support to high quality applicants with a proven track record. Organisations can apply for a maximum of £25,000 and minimum of £10,000 in this round of the Fund.

The Communitybuilders Feasibility Grants will fund -

Capital expenditure  

  • Architects and other professional fees to produce detailed design and costings for any building plans, e.g. drawings, ground/building surveys, planning consent, leases, and other hard outputs.
  • Other one-off fees relating to building purchase or development, e.g. legal

Revenue expenditure

  • Development of comprehensive and well evidenced business plans, including detailed market evidence
  • Internal project management costs, increased staff capacity (e.g. increase in hours for part-time staff, pay for volunteers to undertake work or money to backfill existing staff time whilst they undertake the feasibility work)
  • Training related to your enterprise idea
  •  Market research and product development

Grants cannot be used for –

  • Equipment purchase
  • Building works
  • General running costs such as existing salaries, utility bills, rent, etc.

Is your organisation eligible for a Communitybuilders investment?

Complete our online eligibility checklist to see if you can apply. 


Communitybuilders Hotline

Our investment team are happy to answer any questions you have about the Communitybuilders Fund.

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