The Communitybuilders Fund is now closed

In 2012, we were looking to invest £2.5 million in some of the best, most promising examples of sustainable, community regeneration projects in England.

Communitybuilders Fund will invest in organisations that are seeking to become more sustainable and independent and that can demonstrate they are having a significant positive impact in their communities as providers of multiple services and facilities. The Fund wants to support organisations on which are ready to take on significant investment in order to scale and grow their services and has both loans and grants on offer as part of its investment package.

Communitybuilders is offering capital funding. The minimum investment we can consider is £250,000 and the maximum you can apply for is £750,000.

Communitybuilders is primarily a loan fund and investments will have a minimum 80% loan element. We will charge an interest rate of 5% on the loan.

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There will be further opportunities for community organisations to access different financial products offered by the Communitybuilders Fund.

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