About the Fund

Communitybuilders aims to make sustainable investments in community enterprises to build their long term financial viability and increase their ability to deliver significant social impact in their communities.

The Communitybuilders Fund was endowed to Adventure Capital Fund (ACF) a registered charity, by the Department of Communities and Local Government in March 2011. The purpose of the endowment was to establish a long-term evergreen fund under stable and continued management, where loan repayments are recycled and can be reinvested in the sector.

The Fund will help support exemplar projects which are unique in their offering to local communities, and help long-term regeneration. They must be innovative, enterprising and ambitious.

The Communitybuilders Fund is managed on ACF’s behalf by The Social Investment Business. The ACF is the parent charity of The Social Investment Business.

Communitybuilders is primarily a loan fund and investments will have a minimum 80% loan element. We will charge an interest rate of 5% on the loan.
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A new era for Communitybuilders

Caroline Forster, Director of Communitybuilders talks to Nic Jones about the Communitybuilders endowment and this round of funding.

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Future investments

There will be further opportunities for community organisations to access Communitybuilders funding next year, including different financial products such as feasibility grants for organisations looking to develop their enterprise plans.

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Our investment team are happy to answer any questions you have about the Communitybuilders Fund.

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